Semester Reminders:

  1. Submit your Form D (Pre-Authorization Form) by fax, mail, or email before you register for your college classes. You need approval from your Project Counselor before T.E.A.C.H. can agree to pay for your classes. Remember not to exceed the number of credits allowed by your contract.
  2. We will submit a Charge Approval to your college or university telling them that we will pay the tuition for the pre-approved classes. NOTE: T.E.A.C.H. cannot pay out-of-state tuition expenses.
  3. Submit your Form B (Tuition & Books Reimbursement form) with itemized receipts.
  4. Submit your Form C (Release Time Claim Form).
  5. When you finish your classes, check your college’s website for your grades and submit a copy of your unofficial transcripts. REMINDER: Recipients who do not maintain the minimum GPA requirement (associate level = 2.5 GPA, bachelor’s level = 3.0 GPA) will be placed on academic probation and are subject to losing scholarship benefits if the GPA is not brought up to the minimum requirement by the end of the following semester.

Yearly Reminders:

  1. Completing a contract: submit a copy of your wage verification (pay stub) and transcripts in order to successfully complete your contract and receive your contract completion bonus.
  2. Renewing your contract: sign and submit your new contract, as well as reapply for FAFSA.

Please see our T.E.A.C.H. Checklist to easily keep track of required paperwork.

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Participant Procedures Handbook